Community Charity

Mission and Vision
"Live Fit, Live Right and Live Green!"
At Fitness Zone, we commit more than providing top-notch health and fitness services to our members. If there is one thing that everyone knows about us, it is that we constantly encourage our members to not only live healthily but also to Live RIGHT! That is why caring for and contributing back to the community has always been one of our core values since we started in 2003.

Given that our lives and environment are so inextricably linked, living right means that we should be accountable to ourselves, our loved ones as well as the environment surrounding us. As we are all citizens of one world, we have the responsibility to go the extra mile to do more community charity work, to contribute back to the society, and ultimately to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. In doing so, we will realize that we are not only making a difference in others' lives but also saving the planet at the same time for the sake of our future generations.

Care for the environment
We have been so privileged and blessed to be able to live and co-exist with the wonders of the nature. However, have you ever heard that in about 100 years' time, there will be no more winters on Earth as an unfortunate result of climate change? Scary as this may sound, the possibility is that it could be frighteningly real. The Earth is heating up daily. Greenhouse gases, being the main culprit, are not separated by borders like most countries are. These gases in our atmosphere do not need regulations or permission to move from one place to another.

If this trend remains unchecked, temperatures will continue to rise and reach a point of no return, bringing with it catastrophic CLIMATE CHANGES! While damage to the environment is already done, it is never too late to heal it by controlling the damage.

In line with the worldwide campaign to tackle against bag pollution, starting in 2009, Fitness Zone has been advocating for no plastic bag and encouraging our members to use the special edition reusable FZ Recycle Bag.

Our annual activities includes:
  • Tree Planting
  • No Plastic Bag Day
  • Beach and Coastal Cleanup
  • Earth Hour


At Fitness Zone, caring for the community is one of our core values. We also recognize that it is our duty to create a platform for our members to engage in more worthy causes. That is why we have been driven to work in partnership with local people and organizations to hold various events and campaigns with a view to enhancing public awareness of the importance of creating a sustainable environment for all.

From a humble start in 2007, members and staff of Fitness Zone have been engaging in a number of activities that serve a wide range of individuals. We have also made donations to provide relief and recovery to the vulnerable who are clinging to survival in the wake of natural and human disasters.

Remember - all the little things that we do now matter and are going to make a difference to our future generations. This is extremely important and that is why Fitness Zone constantly strives to organize a diverse range of community activities to raise community awareness and to educate the public. It is our hope that through taking part in these activities all participants will grow, both physically and spiritually, and learn to appreciate and cherish life. It is always the little thing that we do and the small step that we take which is going to make a BIG CHANGE in the end!


One member's strength is limited but together, we can MAXIMIZE our efforts to help tens of thousands as they move from despair to wholeness. When more and more of our members come together to make a difference to the world, far more can be accomplished than one individual could ever have achieved independently. These efforts take work, labor and commitment but it is all worth it.

Fitness Zone is always ready, so what about you?

Don't delay your efforts, it is Now or Never!


Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is just a waste of time. Vision with action can change the world!"