Top 12 tips for weight loss

Our users know best how to stay on Plan and lose!

Odds are, you already have a dieting trick—a behavior that helps you to stay on top of your weight loss. There are the usual strategies: Eat before serious hunger strikes, order dressing on the side, drink water to feel a little fuller.

Then there are the more unusual strategies that people enlist, like chewing gum through the afternoon munchies or even symbolically "closing" the kitchen after dinner.

Here are some of the best dieting tips we've seen on the WeightWatchers.com Community message boards. Maybe one of them will work for you, too.

What's your top tip?

  1. "I brush my teeth when I get cravings. I love the fresh, minty feeling, and it fools my sweet tooth. I don't even mind the stares in the office bathroom."
  2. "I imagine a particular food super-glued to my rear, hips or stomach. It isn't so hard to resist when I realize where it's going after it leaves my taste buds."
  3. "I keep lots of healthy snacks in my car and my desk. If I get really hungry, I will grab at anything, so this works well for me."
  4. "Try new things. I discovered this weekend that I actually like raw spinach. I'm willing to try almost anything to keep my diet interesting and healthy."
  5. "I list all the reasons I want to lose weight and put them in random places around the house, along with older, thinner pictures of myself."
  6. "Wear tight clothing. I wear tight jeans so that I stop eating when I feel 'fat.' It works for me!"
  7. "Go to the grocery store every week and stock up on healthy foods. If you're well-prepared, it's easier to have a successful week."
  8. "Set small goals and reward yourself with fun stuff. When I reach 10 percent, I'm going to get a massage."
  9. "Only eat the reduced-fat foods that really taste good to you."
  10. "I don't put anything in my mouth unless I write it down and hold myself accountable for it."
  11. "Don't deprive yourself. It usually leads to eating lots of substitutions that won't satisfy you, and you'll end up having the chocolate, anyway."
  12. "My favorite tip? I look at myself in the mirror. I like where I'm headed, but I'm not there yet."