I lost over 50 pounds while working with my trainer and I have more confidence then I could have ever imagined. Thank you Fitness Zone for changing my life.
Jane Lim
Five months ago I couldn't wear this dress regardless of how strong the control top pantyhose where. Now.......no control top required!! Thanks to James for working me so hard in spite of all my whining. The dynamic workouts you plan for me really keep my motivated. You're constantly switching things up so I'm always working different muscles (some I didn't even know I had!) which keeps my body guessing and reaping the maximum benefits.
I'm a BIG FAN of Les Mills programs!!! Instructors at Fitness Zone helped me to lose 30 pounds, and trim/tone my poor flabby body. I've got another goal of losing an additional 20 pounds in order to be a lean 145-150 pounds at 5'8" by end of 2012! I'm 46 years old, and find it difficult to self motivate. I recommend personal fitness trainers to everyone that wants to see results from their workouts!!!
Cynthia Tara
I signed up for personal training at Fitness Zone a month ago. I asked to be paired with a trainer who would really motivate me. My trainer, Luvly, has definitely exceeded my expectations. She always keeps me on my toes and I am glad I signed up for the entire year!
Mike Claire
I joined Fitness Zone about one year ago, with a goal of losing weight and getting fit. At age 30 and seriously out of shape, I had no idea where to start. I wanted a personal trainer to get me started on the right track. Now, I am 40 pounds lighter and feel great. I have gone from XL to M and can shop in “normal people” stores. Fitness Zone has everything that I need in order to stay motivated and on track. The trainers know their job, and have been able to design a program for me that is challenging but suited to my physical ability. The workout varies from day to day and week to week so that I don’t get bored. I work with my trainer twice a week and
take classes whenever I can, at least 3-4 times a week. If I can’t fit a class into my schedule, I just use the treadmill or elliptical to get an aerobic workout. I have been a member at other gym where I paid a lot lesser, but I have never been as satisfied as I am at Fitness Zone. I am moving to Tutong end of this year, and gonna miss Fitness Zone, where the staff and members are like family to me now!
Anonymous Member
As of now I have lost 16 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes. After my daughter was born I couldn't even dream about wearing a size medium. A big THANK YOU to Fitness Zone for giving me Pearlie. She is great Nutritionist as well as a great trainer, knows exactly how to challenge me and makes my workouts fun and teach me how to achieve a well balance diet. She gives me homework too...lol. Never Give u p is the key!!!
Doctor Yati
I’ve never worked with a personal trainer before because I always thought it's a bit expensive, but James is exactly what I was looking for when I started. The changes that I’ve seen in just 5 months of training are outstanding, from improved strength to lower weight.He provides ever-changing workouts utilizing the entire body, keeping the sessions fresh and fun, but also physically rewarding. He brings a fun and upbeat personality every week that makes you want to come and work hard.
He brings a fun and upbeat personality every week that makes you want to come and work hard. Most importantly, he makes this about seeing improvement in yourself, as a positive life change that I control, giving me a sense of control that was previously lacking. There is no question that James is a major factor in my success, but more importantly, he’s taught me how to continue that success even when he is not around.
Ah Boy