The most important service that our Club will deliver is RESULTS. We are the 1st Club in Brunei and for the matter, one of the leading Clubs in this region to offer PROGRAM membership to our clients.

We have various personalized programs to tailor individual needs and goals. All our Programs are Result oriented and it will be "A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" package that will be made available to both our members and non-members

The programs will be designed and monitored by our ACE (American Council of Exercise) Certified Trainers.

High Quality Member Experience - PT and Nautilus orientations

Vision: To have a high quality service experience for all members.
Goal: For all of our members to be properly oriented into our club with a Personal training orientation or/and a Nautilus orientation once they have joined.

What is a Nautilus Orientation?
To ensure that you have a proper program and orientation into the club we offer Nautilus orientations. During this orientation you will have a strength and cardiovascular program designed for you. You will learn the proper form and technique, how to train at the proper intensity and how to get the results that you desire. The information learned in the orientation is essential so you can get the maximum benefit from your workouts. These sessions are free! We recommend that you attend 2 orientations to learn everything!

Gives you maximum results in the least amount of time
  • No matter what your goals are, the Nautilus workout will be the way to reach them i.e. fat loss, increase strength, increase muscle, improve flexibility, improve endurance, initial increase in cardiovascular fitness, etc…
  • Only need to do two to three times per week
  • Only takes 20-30 minutes to do each workout
Easy to learn and follow
  • You will be shown how to do the exercises properly in terms of training principles and technique.
  • The program is easily laid out in order for you to understand and follow.

If you use the proper technique that you are taught, there is no risk of getting injured as the machines support your back and do not put strain on any joints.

No matter what your present or past experience level you will get results if you are working out to your maximum strength.

Fitness Assessment

Where are you starting? What has happened since you started your exercise and nutrition program? Do you know? Here is an individual 30-minute session, where your professional personal trainer calculates your resting blood pressure and heart rate, girth and body fat measurements. We recommend doing this every 6- 8 weeks to review your progress and receive motivation by seeing for yourself how your fitness level improves. Lastly, your personal trainer will review you fitness needs and goals and provide specific recommendations to your program to see continued results.

Complete Fitness Appraisal

Is my body aging? Is it as fit as it was a year ago? In this individual 60-minute session, your professional personal trainer will go through our most complete series of standardized assessments developed to give you the best analysis of all your fitness levels. We recommend giving yourself this gift every 6 months to 1 year to review your progress and receive motivation by seeing for yourself how exercise is keeping your body fit, strong, and young. These appraisals include: Aerobic and Muscle Power, Muscle Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition.