Personal Training Programs

  Healthy Heart Program
Take an active step in preventing #1 Killer - Heart Disease! Whether you possess any of the risk factors or not, now is the time to take action! Our program, the first of it's kind in the Brunei, is cardio based with a huge educational component on how to combat each risk factor. You will also receive 1-on-1 attentions from a Heart Coach as well as a Heart Rate Monitor. A yearlong, healthy follow-up program is also an option.
  Weight Management Program
This 6 week weight loss/metabolism boosting program is perfectly designed for any level of exerciser. It will definitely keep you motivated to workout and get results! You will meet with your personal trainer 2 x/week for six weeks to put you through an exhilarating workout and teach you some fitness essentials, such as metabolic rate, hydration, the importance of stretching, weight loss, meal planning and nutritional tips.
  Weight Sizzler Program
Lose up to 19 lbs. of fat in only 6-weeks! The only one of it's kind; this program is a superior 6-week program that will ensure you reach your weight loss goals. Through a dynamic combination of a challenging workout routine with a professional personal trainer, a food plan, motivation and education, you will lose 9-19lbs of body fat, 6-11 inches, boost your metabolism, and lose 2-4 inches off your waist, hips and thighs in just 6 short weeks.
X-Press Way Program
The Nautilus Express-Way program is the best membership sales and retention tool our Club will have to offer to our busy business executive clients. It's all about:
  • A 24 minute workout geared for the busy member
• Complete Program Handbook detailing implementation
• Strength training guidelines
• Quick reference guidelines
• Workout recording charts
• Machine stretching routines
  Get back to your skinny jeans workout
We designed "Get Back To Your Skinny Jeans Workout" to help you to feel good, look good and get back to your skinny jeans. With a healthy diet and commitment to this program you will see noticeable results in less than a month.
  SPARTAN 'Next Generation'
Build the power muscled body of an ancient spartan warriors. This program can transform your mind and body into a lean muscles like corded steel!
  I Lost It At the Club
It's for club members to vamp up an existing fitness program. It's an opportunity to start taking control of your health. It's a FUN and UPBEATprogram appropriate for people at all fitness level to share their fitness experience with the other club members. It openly welcome members of community to come and particpare in this program and make their health goal a reality.
  Lunch Xpress Program
Rev your calories burn and trim all your trouble zones. Get fit and enjoy the workout during lunch break. A complete 30 mins training equipped with strength, cardio and relaxation training.
  Yes i do
A fitness package for all brides-to-be. With scientifically proven training routines and nutritional plans, we’ll help you to look and feel great on your wedding day!
  Golf Fit Program
A program designed to prepare the body to be fit for golf. It helps in adding yards to your game and improve the consistency of swinging.