Fitness Zone's 6 Weeks program

"You might define your skinny jeans as that pair hanging in the back of the closte that fits only when you're at your slimmest. Those jeans don't lie!"
FITNESS ZONE designed GET BACK TO YOUR SKINNY JEANS WORKOUT because to help you to feel good, look good and get back to your skinnt jeans. With a healthy diet and a commitment on this program you will see noticeable results in less than a month.
Fitness Zone's SPARTAN 'Next Generation' can transform your mind and body into a lean muscular powerful body like the 300 spartans with Muscles like Corded Steel!

This program only available at FITNESS ZONE!!
It's a fresh start! Its for club members to vamping up an existing fitness program. It's an opportunity to start taking controls of their health for the first time.

I lost it at the club is a FUN and UPBEAT program appropriate for people at all fitness levels to share their fitness experience with the other club members. It's openly welcome members of community to come and participate in this program and make their health goal a reality!

"This program
rev your
calories burn
and trim all your trouble zones!!"

This program is design to get fit and enjoy the workout during Lunch break. A complete 30mins training program equipped with strength, cardio and relaxation trainings.

This program will make you feel better, relaxed and tone your muscle up at the end of the day!!!